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        Welcome: Laizhou dingrong steel structure CO.,Ltd
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        Welcome To Our Website

        Laizhou dingrong steel structure CO.,Ltd is located in laizhou city shandong province.it is specialized in manufacturing, installing container house,prefab house,steel structure warehouse workshop,mobile homes,modular house etc. We provide one-stop solution for clients.such as providing all furniture,solar power system,electricity,plumbling for prefab house. sending workers/engineers to install the modular house/steel structure warehouse for clients We have advanced facilities and technologies for container house,which makes our quality and price very competitive in this field dingrong's houses have been sold to australia,new zealand,soth africa,USA,UAE,malaysia etc 50 countries Dingrong,let everyone lives in their dream house

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        CONTACT US

        Contact: shirley

        Phone: 15192384158

        Tel: 0086-535-2299802

        Email: shirley@containerhomeshouses.com

        Add: chenggang road,laizhou city,shandong province,china

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